Development & advice

Siebenheller & Partners is involved in the development of various projects. Our advisory function is important in this. Siebenheller & Partners has sound knowledge of the hospitality industry and is capable of suggesting long-term solutions and strategies. We can also map out and implement the practical implementation. Of course, the client’s ambitions and goals are key. Several examples are:

  • Training
    Training programmes, custom training modules, tools to support training modules, and back-office coordination. More information about this can be found under Training modules.
  • Mystery Visits
    Mystery Visit programmes and custom Mystery Visits, which can be combined with matching training modules. More information can be found under Mystery Visits.
  • Activation and quality programmes
    Through solid knowledge and experience, thinking along with and organising long or short term activation and quality programmes is a well-established part of what we do at Siebenheller & Partners. An example of this is the Draught Beer Excellence programme, which was developed in collaboration with HEINEKEN Nederland. Its main objective is improving the quality of draught beer and eventually increasing its turnover.
    Siebenheller & Partners continuously develops and improves the Star Serve programme for HEINEKEN International. This programme aims to improve the worldwide quality of serving Heineken® draught beer. We also advise Heineken® breweries and distributors on the local implementation of this activation programme.
  • Consultancy and temporary assignments
    Due to their flexibility and sound knowledge, the Siebenheller & Partners employees are suited for consultancy and temporary assignments. For instance, Siebenheller & Partners has worked on starting up the Star Serve programme in Ireland for two years in collaboration with the local HEINEKEN Ireland team. Additionally, a team member of Siebenheller & Partners filled positions at the trade marketing and trade & instore departments of HEINEKEN Netherlands for 1.5 years.
  • Brainstorming sessions
    Siebenheller & Partners has advised clients for years. A carefully selected team of employees will use a clear problem definition to provide detailed advice. This is often done with the help of internal or external brainstorming sessions.

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